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Mountain House Food

All About Mountain House Food


What Type of Food Do They Do?

Mountain House hosts various foods that range from entrées to desserts and also fruits and vegetables. Varieties of entrées include meals with beef, chicken, seafood, pasta, vegetables and grains with some also available in other packs – for example, Mountain House’s Beef Stew is available for two-serving and family size.

Mountain House also offers entrées in their Pro-Pak Compact Vacuum Sealed Pouches. Different varieties of fillings for wraps such as buffalo style chicken, chicken fajita, chicken salad and breakfast skillet are also available.

Breakfast packs include eggs, ham, bacon and granola. Vegetable packs include peas and corn and desserts have Neapolitan ice cream, ice cream sandwich, raspberry crumble and blueberry cheesecake. There are also special low sodium entrées like chicken alfredo for sale.

And there is one of the Mountain House Food specially packs, the Marine Cuisine, which offer some of the foods offered in single and double serving pouches, and there are Space Foods which are currently offering desserts like ice cream and strawberries. These obviously are dependant on location worldwide with European variety being slightly reduced.


Though there are a great selection of viands, fruits and vegetables available in pouches, Mountain House #10 cans also provides more choices, such as cooked meat options like diced or ground beef and diced chicken, more vegetable options – instant white rice, crackers, creamed beef and cottage cheese – and some more desserts like sliced fruits and apple dices. #10 cans can serve 9-11 people while some varieties can serve more, such as instant white rice which can serve 24 people and the uncooked butter flavored egg mix can serve as much as 50 people. 


Mountain House - What Is So Good About Their Food?

 Mountain House Food presents various options with regards to freeze dried food consumption – whether it is single-serving, double-serving or family size, or if it is meant for camping trips or for emergency storage purposes. They also offer special packs like the Pro Pak which can take down the space needed to store pouches (the space needed for these packs is the actual size of the freeze dried food), the Marine Cuisine which targets the market of recreational boaters, the Wraps which offer fillings for the tortilla lovers, and the Space Foods, which as stated above, serves desserts.

Mountain House Food may have allergens in their ingredients, but all these are noted down in their Allergens information list, which outlines every variety of Mountain House Food and checks for the most common of the allergens in every variety. This is especially helpful for those whose family, friend or associate has special needs and food requirements, makeing food security planning a bit easier. 


For the health conscious, Mountain House do list down the ingredient breakdown and nutritional content of each of their freeze dried products. This is useful especially for those who wished to have portable, lightweight and delicious food on the go and still want to monitor their consumption.

Why should we trust Mountain House for our Freeze Dried Food needs

Mountain House Food - Why Is It More Expensive Than Other Brands?

A quick comparison of the price of Beef Stroganoff with Noodles meal between Mountain House and another freeze dried food brand shows that Mountain House costs ₡0.06 more per ounce (Mountain House’s Beef Stroganoff with Noodles cost around $1.33/ounce), and compared with another freeze dried food brand, Mountain House Cinnamon Apple Dices costs ₡0.71 more per ounce. Compared with the latter freeze dried food brand, Mountain House Plain Apple Dices cost ₡0.05 more per ounce. So why do Mountain House Food cost more than other brand?

There is one factor that set Mountain House Food apart from other freeze dried food brands, and that is the taste. Those who reviewed Mountain House Food – and some have even made taste comparisons – noted that indeed, Mountain House Food is tastier than its competitors. The texture and overall taste differs between Mountain House freeze dried foods and other freeze dried food brands, and this can only come from the difference in the number of ingredients that are used to create these meals.

It is the difference between these ingredients that results in a difference in price. Mountain House Foods also guarantee fresh produce in their meals and this not only raises the bar in freeze dried food making, it also raises the cost of production. 

And though yes, most freeze dried food brands also advertise the long shelf life of their products, Mountain House has their long shelf life claim stamped on their products – the best-by-dates – and assuring the loyal and even the curious customers that Mountain House Foods can be capable of becoming survival food.