Fuel Your Preparation Morning Oats with Raspberry (6 tins)

18 servings per tin.        1 box of 6 tins with 18 servings per tin.    Quantity per tin:  18  Weight: 1260g  Weight per portion: 70g  Amount of water nee...
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18 servings per tin.


freeze-dried-mountain-house.png  mountain-house-emergency-food-no-gm-ingredients-.png  mountain-house-emergency-food-non-organic-.png

  1 box of 6 tins with 18 servings per tin.


raspberry.png Quantity per tin:



 Weight per portion:

 Amount of water needed:


Luxuriously warming sweet, creamy oats with scrumptious raspberry pieces





Allergens listed in bold:

Whole Milk (55%), Single Cream (Milk) (19%), Rolled Oats (17%), White Sugar, Freeze Dried Raspberry (1%).





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Product Reviews

A Work In Progress

BY Maximus ON 18th Nov 2017 2 Stars

For “Morning Oats” read “Porridge”

I enjoy porridge for breakfast and often make my own, so I was interested in sampling this product. It reconstitutes easily and like the listing say’s it’s sweet and creamy. The added fruit is a nice touch, although a little more would be even better. The problem is, it’s way too sweet and creamy for my taste – eating a whole 70g portion left me feeling pretty bilious. I question the wisdom of all the single cream powder and sugar in this recipe, which in a single portion fills you with 24% of your MAXIMUM daily reference intake of sugar, and a whopping 39% max DRI of saturated fat! Staying healthy is even more important in an emergency situation after all. *Note – my comments are based on nutritional values attached to the actual product I have in front of me, which differ from those currently stated on the web site (18/11/2017)

Porridge makes a great breakfast for a number of reasons, and has been a staple of the British armed forces for a long, long time. Oats are highly nutritious, rich in antioxidants, and contain a powerful soluble fibre that aids your digestion and helps control your blood sugar level. Another huge benefit is that they help to lower your cholesterol levels too, which is very important for heart health. This is another reason that added sugar and fat seems odd.

Most of us make porridge the traditional way with oats and water. If we want it richer we add a bit of milk. I believe this current FYP recipe is one inherited from the American Mountain House brand. It might appeal to the less healthy North American market, but European tastes and attitudes to food tend to be slightly different.

This product has the potential to be excellent, and I’d encourage FYP to re-formulate it into something altogether healthier and more appealing. More fruit, less sugar and ditch the cream would be my suggestion. You could even add a few grains or nuts. Two stars for a work in progress.