Emergency Top 10

Things To Do Before an Emergency


#1 Be Ready Financially

  • Emergency Preparations - Are you Financially Ready for Emergencies? (link)
  • How to Be Financially Prepared (link)
  • How to Be Ready (Financially) For An Emergency (link)


#2 Have An Emergency Food Supply

  • Food and Water in an Emergency (link)
  • Get Organized Today for an Emergency Tomorrow (link)
  • Emergency Food (link)


#3 Prepare Your Home and Your Family

  • How to Prepare Your Home for Emergencies (link)
  • Getting Your Family Prepared for a Disaster (link)
  • Household Emergency Planning (link)


#4 Know Your Geography

  • Natural Disasters - Is Your Family Prepared? (link)
  • Is your business prepared? Natural disasters present a real threat (link)
  • Natural Disaster Risk Management Guide (link)


#5 Be Prepared Even When Outdoors

  • Basic Items for Emergency Preparedness & Outdoor Recreation (link)
  • Preparing for Emergencies (link)
  • Preparing for Emergencies/Disasters (link)


Things To Do During and After an Emergency


#1 Be Alert – Especially During  The Evenings

  • What To Do During An Emergency (link)
  • Natural Disaster Floods (link)
  • Government, you and what to do - a Guide to Natural Disasters in NSW (link)


#2 Keeping The Family Safe and Sound

  • How To Stay Safe During a Natural Disaster (link)
  • Keeping Boredom Away and Morale High During a Disaster (link)
  • First Aid & Emergencies (link)


#3 House and Surrounding Hazards

  • What To Do in a Natural Disaster (link)
  • Protect Yourself and Others From Electrical Hazards After a Disaster (link)
  • Fact Sheet On Natural Disaster Recovery: Cleanup Hazard (link)


#4 In Case of Financial Crisis

  • How To Cope With The Financial Crisis (link)
  • How to Deal With a Financial Emergency – Coping With a Financial Crisis (link)
  • Surviving the Coming Economic Collapse (link)


#5 Picking Up After An Emergency

  • What To Do First After a Natural Disaster (link)
  • Clean Up Safely After a Disaster (link)
  • Picking the Pieces After a Disaster (link)