Get Prepared With Us


"I have been buying from Emergency Food Storage for over 3 years. The product is excellent, the staff are knowledgeable and the service is first rate. I would not consider spending my money with anyone else." Helen, EFS Customer


We're committed to providing the best value, the best range and the best service available in the UK for getting prepared. Watch our video here >>.

Our top five reasons you should be prepared with us.


1. We Offer The Greatest Value 

Though we cannot always guarantee to offer the lowest prices, we promise to always strive to, while ensuring our level of service and delivery never drops. We are the largest purchaser of Fuel Your Preparation in the UK and so we're in a good position to offer you the very best deal possible. 


2. We Offer The Most Comprehensive Range

We offer the full range of Fuel Your Preparation products and meal varieties, unlike some suppliers who only sell the lower cost varieties to lower prices. We do this because we believe that variety is the spice of life, especially if you might have to one day survive on this food. We also stock extensive water filtration and pack options that have been proven to be the best on the market and which focus on the essentials for emergency preparedness. 


3. We Offer The Most Professional Service 

With the quickest delivery, most comprehensively packaged products and friendliest staff to offer help and advice, is it any reason that we have almost ten years of five star ratings on TrustPilot from our customers. No one else is this dedicated to you, the customer, in our market.


4. We Offer The Most Extensive Advice 

On our site, we offer the most extensive range of articles, blogs and news on emergency food and emergency preparedness to help demystify the market. But we're not just content there, we also offer quality Youtube videos, infographics and even entire websites as well as other resources dedicated to educating you and others on all things emergency preparedness related. 


5. We Are Committed To Being Number One

We like being the most trusted and valuable resource for emergency preparedness on the web in the UK and we plan to stay there. That's why we work extra hard for you, to make sure of it.