9 Questions You Probably Want Answered

We Believe That Our Customers Want The Highest Quality, Most Convenient And Best Value Solutions To Emergency Food And Water Storage...So That Is What We Try To Give You.


We Believe Emergency Food Storage Should Be...

Simple - Who has the time to mess around with complexity? Unnecessary complexity causes headaches, creates extra cost and reduces the quality of service. We try and limit all unnecessary complexity.

Cost Effective - Our streamlined simplicity means lower prices for you...Because we have lower overheads, better systems and better supplier relationships we can get you the best possible value.

Stress-free  - ...and a lot less hassle. Which all means that it is easier and less bother to get the best products to you at the best possible price.


So That Is What We Try To Make It.

Emergency Food -  Easy to buy, store and use pack supplies. To make your life as easy as possible and to ensure that we get you the very best possible price we sell supplies of emergency food that contain all the right nutritional requirements that one or more people needs for the duration of the supply.

Emergency Water - The latest technology applied to keep you in clean water. We only stock the very best brands with the very latest technology for emergency water so you can rest assured that you will always have access to clean, safe drinking water.

Emergency Equipment - From power to cooking and everything in between. 


The 9 Questions 


1. Why Emergency Food? 


You Might Be Thinking...

To protect your family against future crises such as water or fuel shortages and the ever unpredictable weather.

To compliment your home and other insurances.

As an investment against inflation.

As a short-term solution in the event of job loss or unforeseen circumstances.

Or to put something aside when the going is good in preparation for a winters day.


...You Want The Process To Be Simple.

You know you need to be prepared but are not entirely sure what you need in order to be so.

You don’t have the time to plow your way through the overwhelming amount of information out there.

You don’t want half your house taken up with emergency supplies. 

You don’t want the hassle of additional emergency food storage housekeeping.

You just want the best solution, using the best products at the best possible price without the hassle.


And that is why we exist.


2. Why Us?

Are the leading Emergency Food Store we are here to help you find the best solutions for your unique situation...and we don’t mind if you ultimately end up buying from someone else.

If our solutions are not the best ones for you. In fact, we are happy to send you to our competition, if they could help you more and you get a better deal.


3. What Are My Options?

There are as many options for storing emergency food and water as there are reasons for doing so.

We’ll give you a quick overview of the two broad options we believe people have when considering food storage.

Focus on the short term by using their current habits. By this, we mean that many individuals choose to buy duplicates of the food they currently eat and store it in larders and garages. This usually consists of many tins, stores of wheat, frozen foods and packaged food like biscuits and cereals, as well as packaged water and water containers.

Focus on the long-term by using technology. By this, we mean using technology like the freeze-dried process and the modern day advances in water filtration to take full meals created and cooked fresh today and package them in such a way that they last many, many years into the future with a very small space requirement and next to no upkeep. Some of our advanced products are shown below.


4. So What Are The Best Emergency Food Options For Me?

This very much depends on you and what you value.

A short-term focus is usually cheaper initially and allows you to build slowly and have complete control over what you store. However, the disadvantages are that it requires a constant time commitment each and every year to keep the stores organized, updated and ensure investments aren’t wasted. This is a good solution for those that have the time, space and inclination to build and maintain an ample supply of emergency food and water storage.

The longer-term approach is usually more expensive upfront but works out more cost effective over the long run when you factor in protection against food price inflation and your personal time and energy investments needed with the other option. Over the lifetime of the products, the longer term approach always works out more cost effective. It all depends on how much you value your time.

At Emergency Food Storage we only focus on the long-term investment as we believe it to be the simplest, most cost-effective and efficient solution. That being said there are a great many benefits to the short term approach should you chose it.


4. How Will You Help Me?

Emergency Food Storage was founded on the principles that food storage should and could be simpler.

Having subscribed to the “I have a garage full of emergency food and water which needs constant updating” principle for many years the founders decided that, in the long run, there had to be a better, simpler and cheaper way of protecting one's family and home from unforeseen circumstances. In short, we believed that emergency food storage could be done BETTER.

We launched in the late summer of 2009 with the goal of making emergency food storage simple for others. The company was founded on the shared principle that everyone should have a good knowledge of, and access to, emergency food and water in case of an emergency.

At EFS, we pride ourselves on believing that, over the long run, we offer the very simplest, most cost-effective and most space efficient way of creating an ample food and water storage supply at home.


5. How Do I Benefit From Your Simple Approach?

We don’t like to complicate things at Emergency Food Storage and that is why we don’t supply every option under the sun.

We like simplicity and this commitment to simplicity allows us to concentrate and become the very best providers of the solutions we believe in, giving you the best value product on the market. We don’t do everything, but what we do, we do it better than everyone else because we focus.

In short, our solution to the problem of emergency food storage is to create the simplest to use, easiest to store and longest lasting packages that, most importantly, provides the best taste, variety, and nutrition.


6. How Do You Create Your Products?

Our packs are the perfect solution, even if we do say so ourselves

We use the advanced freeze-dry process to transform freshly cooked meals into small and easily stored freeze dried food packages that last up to 25 years. On top of that we use the ever advancing technologies of water filtration to remove the need to store vast quantities of space consuming water and instead simply stock our small and incredibly well built water filtration products that, in the event of need, are suitable for filtering hundreds of gallons of water from any source into a safe and drinkable supply.

It is for this reason that our solutions are the most cost-effective, space-saving and convenient solution over the long run to our customers need for quality food and water storage options.


7. Why Do You Only Supply In Packs?

Because we choose one thing to be really, really good at - Packs.

Because we only focus on doing one thing and doing it very well we are able to offer you the lowest possible prices, lower than our competition and with better service.

We only stock the very best brands for each customers price bracket so you know that when you buy from us you are getting the most bang for your buck. We only supply in packs because we know our customers time and space is precious to them. Our packs give our customers the best tasting, most nutritious, longest lasting and simplest solutions to emergency food and water storage which can be stored in a fraction of the space of traditional options.

It also makes it easier for us to get the items to you and so we offer free shipping on all our orders over our minimum order. 


8. Anything Else?

Actually yes, with us, you help others by helping yourself.

On top of giving our customers the very best solution we can, Emergency Food Storage is also committed to being more than just a company focused on the bottom line. Our commitment to adequate emergency food and water for all that need it does not just extend to our customers but also to those not in a position to help themselves.

A percentage of our profits goes to helping fund adequate water filtration and aid programs focussed on ensuring more people are given access to clean drinking water and sufficient food to help them not only survive but to prosper also.

It is because of customers like yourself that our manufacturers are able to develop new and cheaper technologies to help those that currently cannot help themselves.

Should you decide that our solutions are a right match for you then you can also feel proud of the fact that you are investing in the lives of others less fortunate than yourselves.