Emergency 72 Hour Survival Kits

Emergency 72 Hour KitsWhy Everyone Should Have At Least 2

You never know what life’s going to throw at you, which is why being prepared’s a prerequisite for a safe and less stressful day to day experience. You know those people who are ready for anything? We should all be likewise, and you can. As Robert Richardson said on the importance ofhaving a survival kit - “a survival kit can make life a lot easier during a survival situation.” 




Our philosophy at EFS is you don’t need to go overboard, but by having the basics, knowing where they are and how to use them, you can feel good knowing you and your family are safe. Having two 72 hour kits is the minimum every European family member should look at investing in, here's why.

As far as survival kits go, we believe in one for the home and one for the road. You can pack your own emergency kit  but if you don’t have the time and don’t want to make a mistake then our 72 hour emergency survival kits are just the ticket, and they’re on sale for the next 48 hours, giving you everything you need.


One for the home

Having an easily accessible bag you can quickly grab containing all the things you need for 72 hours in an emergency as well as some money, copies of your important details and an extra set of clothes is just sensible planning. Having one will help you sleep easier knowing you can always be in control, no matter how hectic or out of your control things might get. At EFS we have our emergency bags all over the place, just in case. Under stairs, in our warehouses and in each office. All our staff know where they are and can access them when needed at a moments notice. In an emergency, no one’s going to panic, because everything has been thought about and prepared in advance.




Your home can, and should, be the same. Each family member should know where your kits are stored, what they contain, and how to use everything in it. That way, even if you’re not in danger but other members of your family are, you can be confident they know what to do. A well planned and supplied family with a little training can make all the difference in an emergency. Get you family sorted in less than an hour. 




One for the road

Sometimes it gets perilous on the road so it’s worthwhile having some extra clothes, blankets and a 72 hour kit in case you get stuck for some time. This writer had personal experience of being snowed in and stuck in a car for twelve hours and can safety say that without his kit and blanket it would have been an extremely rough experience. No one wants things to go wrong, but everyone likes to know you have something on hand to help you out if they do. 72 hour kits are small, compact and easy to leave in the boot of any car, just like a spare tire. Just like your pack in the house, it’s good to know you always have help at hand, whatever happens.




Get Sorted This Weekend

There’s no doubt having a few emergency 72 hour kits around the place gives you a great sense of peace knowing you have instant access to food, water, medical equipment, warmth, shelter, tools and your personal documents. If you haven’t thought about it or done so yet, do one thing this weekend that could change everything in the case of an emergency.

Stay safe, stay prepared, and then get on with enjoying your life.