Why Buy?

Purchasing Your Emergency Food Supply From Emergency Food Storage 


So emergency food is quite new in Europe, unlike in the USA and elsewhere who have been doing effective modern day food insurance for over 50 years. In today's day and age of ever more unusual weather conditions, economic crises, job losses and a variety of other curveballs life can throw at you it has never been more important to be adequately prepared. 


Here at Emergency Food Storage, we are dedicated to making food storage as simple as possible and giving you the peace of mind you want with the best-valued products and best-rated service.


"I have been buying from Emergency Food Storage for over 3 years. The product is excellent, the staff are knowledgable and the service is first rate. I would not consider spending my money with anyone else" - H Braithwaite, Emergency Food Storage Customer 


5 Reasons To Invest In An Emergency Food Storage Supply


1. Economic Crisis


The world continues to be on an economic knife edge.


Being a British citizen used to give a person a lot of security but that is no longer the case. The financial world we live in is now is so complex that no one really knows what is going on or what is going to happen in the future, we are all on a knife-edge.


Therefore, like the guys in Greece that are no doubt now wishing they had some emergency supplies set aside to ride out the next year, it is essential people in the UK and around Europe have access to emergency food and emergency water in case we hit turbulent times from an economic backlash to government and industry over-leveraging.  


2. Environmental Disaster 


Think environmental disasters are only reserved for other countries? Think again. We are actually a lot more prone to problems from unforeseen weather changes than you might think, primarily because we are simply not prepared for them and do not have the protocols, systems, and infrastructure to deal with complications caused by the weather.


Think about the recent cold spells and how it always brings the UK to a standstill; trapping people indoors, hitting industry and the private sector alike.


Couple that with the now raising consideration that London and other coastal cities are actually at a high risk of flooding in the next decade and it paints a picture that screams we should be getting prepared for the possibility that not everything is clean sailing in the UK.


3. Fuel Crisis 


We had shortages in 2001 and periodically throughout the last decade as well as panic buying recently when there wasn't even a shortage.


Like the financial industry, the commodity market for oil is temperamental as ever and has an endemic risk of huge spikes and lows, seemingly at random. As the world runs on oil, these spikes affect everything and even though recent strikes have been relatively small they have still caused significant concern as supermarkets run out of food almost overnight and the UK grinds to a halt once again.


Project that forward and if we have a prolonged oil strike, we are going to be in for big problems as our country is just not set up to deal with a lack of oil being pumped around the system on a daily basis.


4. Job Loss 


We would all like to think that we are irreplaceable, however, unfortunately, that is simply not the case.


From managers to CEOS to employees at every level, we are all prone to being replaced and laid off from time to time. If this happens, it's imperative to have reserves set aside to tide you over until you can find another one and in this current employment market that might be some time.


Therefore setting aside a solid food storage plan when times are good is imperative for when times might not be going quite so well. We all want to be employed but the reality is that around 35% of us are not employed at any one time and in the UK over 16% simply can't find jobs.


5. Astrological Disaster 


You might not realize it but one of the most serious worries facing us today in the UK is the risk from space, so much so that the government has been creating contingency plans for the last decade. Either they are wasting money or they know something we don't.


From solar flares which pose a great risk to our global systems to more down to earth meteorite showers and consequent fall out, it is not beyond the realm of possibility, or so the scientists in the know allude to, that we might see some serious space-based disasters in the next five to ten years.


A giant solar flare for example, apparently a 1 in 100 percent chance every year has the possibility to knock out all our electronics destroying our entire global system as we know it. Communication would be down, shops cease to operate, bank accounts leveled and anything electronic lost. We would end up back in the stone age - then the tangible food stores would not seem so crazy.


6. Just In Time Society 


By far one of the biggest concerns these days should be that we as a society live on a knife edge. Everything we do is designed to arrive just when we want it. This is not only prevalent in the public market but even more so in the private industrial workplace.


Shops operate on 24-hour cycles, replenishing stocks just when they are needed with none left in reserve, industry operates on tiny time margins so not a single minute or storage inch is wasted. This is great for bringing costs down and ultimately making life cheaper but when problems arise such as environmental changes or a fuel crisis, the system is so highly strung that it cannot cope with the changes and collapses. We have seen this time and time again. To date we have always been able to correct it in time, will this always happen in the future? We would hope so, but just in case it doesn't, that's why we have our freeze dried food supplies.




Preparing is something that humans have done since the very beginning, from living in caves to living in the modern world of today and every civilization in-between. Just because we are more technologically advanced does not mean that we are now immune to the curve balls of the future, in fact in many ways it put us at far more risk. Preparing in advance is not crazy, it is simply responsible planning just like buying home, car or life insurance. It is part of everyday responsible living and should be a part of every responsible person's yearly objectives. 


"I have been ordering from Emergency food storage for several years now…my wife and two children  enjoy [the food] so much so that we are now building up a supply to see us through any bad time that may be in the future. Being prepared is not Paranoia." Tommy, Emergency Food Storage Customer.