Our Values

Our Philosophy

We make things Simple. We believe that emergency preparedness in the UK should be simple, cost-effective and stress-free, and so that is what we try to do. Emergency Food Storage’s philosophy is to make it easier for you to buy and store emergency supplies for yourself and your loved ones, so we remove the need for hours of research into home preparation and self-reliance, extensive emergency planning, large storage space requirements and regular upkeep of supplies and replace it with a simple one time solution and a simple one time process.


Our Mission Statement

To ensure that every European has access to emergency food and water supplies when they need it most.


Our Promise To You

We will try to always offer you the very best emergency food storage and water filtration solutions, at the very best price we can, delivered to you as easily as possible and with the very best customer care. If anything we have done does not fit with this promise, please let us know and we will move heaven and earth to put it right.