Emergency Food How To Store

Our advanced tins last for up to 25 years and have been tested for far longer. However, to ensure maximum lifespan of the food there are a few simple steps to take in storing your tins.


  1. Avoid extreme hot and cold coditions. Store in a cellar ideally. Try to keep the temperature flucuations as low as possible. 
  2. Avoid Tin Damage. Store the tins where they are unlikely to be damaged or punctured. If a tin is punctured the food will spoil quickly. Dents are fine as long as the integrity of the tin has now bee compromised.
  3. Keep Clear Of Vermin. Try to ensure the tins are unlikely to be targeted by rats and other vermin. Though very unliklely damage to the tins in this way will spoil the food. 


Other than these three main points our tins are extremely resilient and should provide protection to the contents for up to 25 years. Happy storing.