Emergency Cooking

Ezy Rocket Stove

Ezy Rocket Stove

We love this stove. If you're looking for a cooker to take camping, on picnics, to the beach or to cook on and BBQ in your back-garden, look no further. Set it down anywhere, send the kids off to collect some sticks, light...


InstaFire pack of 30 packets

"An Amazing product for your food storage"We have tried a lot of heat solutions and none comes close to measuring up to InstaFire. We have seen this stuff light quickly and easily on snow. Unlike other heat sources or fire...

Wild Woodgas Stove Mark II 03

Wild Woodgas Stove Mark II

The Wild Woodgas Stove Mark IIt is exceptionally efficient and versatile. Like most woodgas stoves it is designed to burn wood more cleanly than any open fire due to its secondary burn. This means more heat and less soot...

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