Ezy Rocket Stove

Beautiful design meets outstanding functionality in this high-performance wood-fuelled portable rocket stove. Rediscover the magic of cooking on real fire. Easy and quick to light, powered by a handful of sticks, this stove gives you all the joy of real fire with the convenience of a modern stove.
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We love this stove. If you're looking for a cooker to take camping, on picnics, to the beach or to cook on and BBQ in your back-garden, look no further. Set it down anywhere, send the kids off to collect some sticks, light it up and within a minute you are cooking over an intense heat on the sturdy pot support. Our in-house stove specialist, with 20 years of experience around the globe with rocket stoves, selected this stove as 'head and shoulders above the rest in terms of value, durability, performance and design credentials'.

The stove kicks out over 2Kw of heat and is 3 times more efficient than an open fire, producing a fraction of the smoky emissions and able to cook a large meal with a handful of twigs. The heat is also adjustable from simmer to intense, by adjusting the fuel supply.


How Does It Work?

It's simple. You light a small fire inside the combustion chamber, then insert some sticks (the dryer the better) horizontally into the stove. Within a minute or two the stove is ready for cooking. As the fuel burns, you nudge the sticks in, according to the intensity of heat required.

The stove is a 'rocket stove' design, meaning it uses a clever mix of insulation and air venting to ensure a clean, intense burn. Primary air is drawn in under the fuel, and secondary air (to burn off the smoke) is drawn in over the fuel.  The double-walled stainless steel combustion chamber provides just the right environment for combustion. The stove literally boils smoke out of the wood, then burns it!


The EzyStove...

    Exceptional quality, designed for daily use in demanding conditions
    1 year warranty
    Striking, multi-award winning patented Swedish design
    No ceramic or cast–iron components: easy to ship, near-unbreakable, and long life
    Lightweight at 2.8kg: less than half the weight of many other commercial rocket stoves
    High performance: lab-based design has optimized combustion performance
    Stable and safe for use with full-size kettles and pans.

What's In The Box

    EzyStove ready to go
    Fuel shelf
    Full instructions


Mass (including fuel-shelf): 2.8kg
Height: 30.5cm
Width top/ bottom: 31 / 33cm
Time to boil 1L water (about 4 mugs of tea)*: 4.5 minutes
Fuel to boil 1L water*: 130g

* Test using water at 20oC and seasoned pine. Times and fuel consumption measured from stove already lit and reached operating temperature.



Used sensibly this stove will give many years of safe and fun use. However, all combustion produces carbon monoxide and other harmful emissions - in your car engine, your gas central heating boiler, even your efficient woodgas stove. This stove is designed for use outdoors. Use only outside or under well ventilated shelters. DO NOT USE IN TENTS or other enclosed spaces. Charcoal left at the end of a burn also produces carbon monoxide.

The stove base is elevated above ground and so offers considerable protection to surfaces; however care is required to protect grass and tables etc, particularly for prolonged use.


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