72 Hour Emergency Survival Kit

The All New Emergency 72 Hour Kit for 2017
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The All New Emergency 72 Hour Kit for 2017

Product Features

    108 components in a 35L rucksack
    First Aid Kit
    Solid fuel cooker
    Space for personal effects


Contents Of The Kit

Description Quantity
Essential Outdoor Explorers Set 1 x Compass 
  1 x 15 in 1 Multi Tool 
  1 x LED Light 
  1 x 15 in 1 Pocket Knife 
  1 x Belt Pouch
Metal Drinking Bottle 1
Enamel Camping Mug 1
Camping Mess Tin 1
3 IN 1 Multifunction Whistle 1
Playing Cards 1
Twin Hand Sanitiser 1
Compact Hammock 1
Hand Warmers 2
Camping Plate 1
Flight Bottles 2x Bottles
  1 x Bag
Weekly Pill Box 1
Dynamo Torch 1
4.5m Gaffer Tape 1
Small Bowls 2pk 1
Cutlery 4 x Knives,
  4 x Forks
  4 x Spoons
First Aid Pack 1 10 x Elastic Adhesive Dressing Strip 2.5 x 7.5cm
  5 x Elastic Adhesive Dressing Strip 2 x 7.2cm
  5 x Elastic Adhesive Dressing Strip 4 x 4cm
  1 x Non Woven Pad 5 x 5cm
  1 x Gauze Pad 7.5 x 7.5cm
  2 x Sting Relief Pad
  1 x First Aid Tape 1.25 x 5cm
  2 x Finger Bandage 3.5 x 3.5cm
  1 x Eye Pad Bandage
  1 x Crepe bandage 5 x 4.5cm
  1 x Pair Of Vinyl Gloves
  6 x Safety Pins
  1 x Pair Of Safety Scissors
  1 x Whistle
  1 x First Aid Guidance Leaflet
19 LED Head Torch 1
Survival Bag - Orange 1
Emergency Silver Sleeping Bag 1
The Quattro 1
Folding Stove With Fuel 1
15 Litre Pack Away Water Carrier 1
Multi-Function Head Over 1
Travel Sewing Kit 1 x Scissors
  1 x Tweezers
  1 x Threader
  3 x Pins
  3 x Needles
  1 x Safety pin
  2x Spare buttons
  2 x Spare snaps
  6 Colours of Thread
Travel Toothbrush 1
Paracord 1
35 L Rucksack 1
5 X Reseal Bags 5


Perfect For

    Home Emergency Evacuations
    Winter Car Emergencies


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Product Reviews

Great Bag to Grab and Go

BY Unknown ON 10th Jan 2017 5 Stars

Versatile kit at a decent price.

I found it to contain everything I would likely need in case of an emergency, and a few things I hadn't thought of. There's space for extra food, water and clothes as well. I print a copy of my most important documents and keep them with the pack alongside some ready cash so if it really comes to it I can just grab it and know I have what I need.