UPDATE: Further Price Increases 

Unfortunately prices have continued to soar across the board on raw materials, labour, shipping and energy meaning we will again be forced to raise prices. We're very sorry for this global situation and to help out will be absorbing costs until March 2022. In you want to avoid the higher future prices we suggest placing orders in February. 


We will be increasing prices across the board from 01.03.2022. 


After taking the decision to keep prices stable for as long as possible throughout the pandemic we are unfortunately no longer able to absorb the considerable rising costs associated across all areas of producing our product including shipping, materials, labour and production. This is due to the extensive global supply chain issues, rising inflation and considerable market uncertainty caused by the ongoing Covid related environment.  


We understand recent delays in product being shipped have been somewhat frustrating and unfortunately unavoidable as we try to work around the challenging global environment. We thank you all for your considerable patience so far as we work around the clock to get your orders out to you. 


As the largest Emergency Food Supplier in the UK we will be honoring the current prices displayed until early next week. Currently there is still up to a 6 week delay on some product lines which we are working towards reducing.