Updated Shipping Times

Our current delivery times are seeing an estimated 4-6 week delay.




Orders placed on or after 5th March - 100% Shipped  



Orders placed on or after 18th March - 100% Shipped 


Orders placed on or after 28th March - 100% Shipped 


Orders placed on or after 15th April - 100% Shipped 


Orders placed on or after 1st May- 100% Shipped 


Orders placed on or after 1st June- 100% Shipped 

are anticipated to be shipped towards the middle of July (Subject to change)




Due to current world events we, and the world, are experiencing an unprecedented run on orders across the UK and Europe. Unfortunately, therefore, there will be a delay in getting your order to you.

As you know, our product is the highest quality freeze dried emergency food produced in Europe but as such, this quality takes time to manufacture.

We, and the freeze drying machines, are working around the clock and over weekends to get product produced and out to you as quickly as possible so we ask for your understanding and patience and apologize for any inconvenience.

The Emergency Food Storage Team


Should I still Purchase?

Yes. We anticipate shipping times to increase the longer these unprecedented times continue. Our advice is to still get your order in as soon as possible to get to enter the order queue and we will dispatch your product as soon as possible. 


Does This Affect All Products?

No. Primarily the delays are in relation to the tins and packets. Currently we are able to ship other water products in a timely manner .


Why Is This The Case?

While we try to keep our warehouses as full as possible, in times of crisis such as these, we experience 10-30 times our typical daily business. This clears out our warehouses pretty quickly. Freeze drying new product is a long process taking many weeks across many product lines so it is hard to keep up with demand in a timly manner. We do out very best and work with the best teams around but even they have limits.


Who Else Is Effected?

Everyone. Across the world emergency food companies are struggling to keep up with demand and all are experiencing delays in shipping product. From American to Europe, suppliers are being pushed beyond capacity. If you have been trying to find supplies elsewhere and are running into the same problems it is because it is a global issue currently.


What Are You Doing About It?

The production team is working around the clock and over weekends to produce more product as quickly as possible, while still keeping to the highest standards our customers expect. Though delays are inevitable, we are producing and shipping new product as quickly as possible and getting it out to customers as soon as it's availible.


Why Don't We Keep More Stock?

We keep significant stocks. Unfortunately due to unprecedented demand we have struggled to keep up with demand.